Courses vary week to week.  We have made up some maps, some of which still need to be tweaked, some of which are spot on.  We will add/change as the group sees fit.  Nothing is in stone, everything is subject to change.  These are short races for fun.  You can’t go too wrong!



This is where we meet up…it’s just off Lake View Drive.  So…you head North on Mill Ave, hang a right on Curry, hang a right on Lake View…as you head down hill we meet up on the left before you hit the overpass.

LOPIANO LOOP – 1.29 miles per – Strava Link

A classic figure eight, its pretty tough to get tangled up, although entirely possible…don’t do that.  Good honest climb that will force a few to dab followed by a fast descent and a hard turn up for the 2nd half of the figure 8… a little less climb, a little more rock on the descent with twisty turns…that is ONE lap…we usually do multiple.

OUT N BACK…depends

Mileage depends cause this is basically a free for all with a few stipulations:

1) You MUST use the horse tunnel both directions.
2) You may or may NOT have to  use hole in the rock.
3) You must go perpendicular to asphalt – ie don’t use sidewalk or asphalt to cheat.
4) You may or may not have to go all the way around the amphitheater.
5) There may be a beer baron…their rules.
Be ready, know your route and NEVER EVER blow through Galvin Parkway, traffic is fast and hard to see.  Be careful!

COYOTE GRANDE – 1.33 miles  Strava Link

Need to make some tweaks to this in 2012 since Tempe has a nice HUGE sidewalk with gigantic double lined railings (?).  Expect to see a little more climbing on this course and some other mods to help bring it back to life.

TEMPE LONG – 3.61 miles Strava Link (admittedly, I am not sure this is correct for Strava)

An oldy but a goody, this one is bound to sting a little bit, just hope we don’t go for more than two laps…else you may want to bring a light, unless the moon is out…in which case keep strolling along.

CURRY CHALLENGE – 3.0 miles – Strava link

A new one for ya, note the distance is for 1 full lap, not for the subset loop, which is roughly 1 mile.  This one has some climbing, sketchy down hills and a requirement of minimal canal on the finish…

TRES HOMBRES – 1.3 miles – Link

An oldie, a tough SOB to boot.  Finish at the top of the ASU  building hill, start there too.  Suffer.


A rad course, circumventing the Rolling Hills golf course, we are never ON the course, nor on any major roads.  This is an original STP, classic.


A semi-neutral start to the ramada followed by a linkage of all goodness in Papago to a finish.  First pass at this was done in 2014, under the Godfather’s rein.  Temps must be kinda ok for this to be even possible.  So, if temps get nice, this one may be on the docket.  Stay tuned.

BOTANICAL BURNOUT – 1.3km – Strava link

Gerrit and LaRoche introduced us to this one fresh in 2016. Short. Punchy. Fast.

Crazy 8s

Usually a group ride up from the footbridge. There’s also parking on the west side of Galvin Pkwy across from the Phoenix Zoo.