Randazzo’s LoPiano

Shorter and less painful than the full figure 8, Randazzo’s loop still brought the hurt to the crowd this week. Incorporating the rock drop, a climb out towards the horse tunnel, then a descent to the base of the nasty ridge before climbing up said ridge and peeling left to the ramada. Then a final drop to the finish down a loose trail that we haven’t hit in years. Four laps with a baron stop after two. There’s was even Sprite™ for the kids.

Gerrit comes through with a sizable lead after lap one, but Wentzel, Sowers, Stephen, and the Grasshopper were all in a row just behind. A curb monster hiding in the loose left turn at the start of lap two claimed Krack’s wheel at full speed. But he was surely not the only victim. Two more went down on that corner in laps two and three.

Into the baron stop Sowers has moved into 2nd and arrived right as Gerrit took off. Wentzel was now missing from the front group and walked in with a flat. Rinne was able to put down both laps before seeking the comfort of the baron stop this week. Gerrit held on to his lead and took the semi-final win. With Luis absent again he takes another fraction off the season standings but can’t do much damage. Big thanks to Randazzo for marking the course and supplying the refreshments! And also to Lasse, Gerald, and Andy who chipped in on the sunset party too. Good times with that nice weather creeping back in.

Will next week’s 24 Minute finale decide the overall winner? Will Luis show and put his season lead on the line? There will be NA baron options to make it as fair as possible. And the baron fund is well vested but if you feel like bringing extra supplies feel free.

1 Gerrit
2 Sowers
3 Grasshopper
4 Stephen John
5 Joe Mullins
6 DT Alan Brown
7 Lasse
8 Krack
9 Cody Goodman (SS)
10 Conelly
11 Leilah Krohn/Mack
12 Rinne ♥
13 Jennifer LeRoy
14 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
15 NE Scott
16 Brandon Martinez
17 Alan Bonk
18 Steezeman
19 Brendan
20 Paul C
21 Danimal
22 John Fritz
23 Andrew Fritz
24 Gerald Biehle
25 Bill Parmentier
26 Michael Urwin
27 Jessica Gade
28 Melissa Goodman
29 Jolly
DNF – two laps Daniel Billotte