The Grasshopper

With the end of the 2017 campaign in sight Grasshopper wanted to give his loop a spin before it’s too late. From the ASU building it takes you up to the saddle between the buttes, then down the right hand line along a spine back towards Curry Rd. It’s a loose and fast descent down into the wash before following it back to the baron stop and finish. Four laps was the call with a baron after two. And four. Yep, a mandatory finish baron to sign out. 30 and then 20 push ups respectively for those not of age or stomach.

Scott and I manned the baron stop and killed time by trying on Bhard’s new State kit. Gerrit, Sowers, and Wentzel came flying in before I could squeeze into the lycra. Grasshopper not far behind, and a beet red Birthday Yeti giving chase. Rinne saw the cooler on his first lap and called out of work as “sick”. Two laps down and the fast crew comes in to the pits. Yeti giving it all he had was a bit shaky holding his beverage. Apparently the trail sodas were a bit on the cold side.

Surprisingly a fair number of push ups were opted for at the finish. Most claiming that they’re faster, but I don’t agree. Though on average 30 did seem to equate to the time taken to chug. Of course arm vs. liver strength varies greatly.

Gerrit is back on top again, but without Luis in the field he makes only a small dent in the already minuscule lead with two weeks to go. We thought he might suffer a stroke but the Birthday Yeti cracks the top 5 on his big day. Randazzo has a fresh loop for us next week before we roll into the finale. And another reminder, we’ll need a fair amount of supplies for the 24 Minute Finale. So if you’d like to bring some with you or donate to the baron fund next week, it would help our cause greatly.

1 Gerrit
2 Wentzel
3 Sowers
4 Grasshopper
5 Desert Yeti  ☺
6 Alan Bonk
7 Cody Goodman (SS)
8 Conelly
9 Vinsanity
10 Rhys Louis
11 Elaine Stanton
12 Issac King
13 Joe Egosque
14 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
15 Leilah Krohn/Mack
16 Josh W
17 Gerald Biehle
18 The Ginger
19 Paul C
20 Steezeman
21 Bill Parmentier
22 Jeff Kellum
23 Melissa Goodman
24 Andy Nathal
DNF – flat Krack
DNF – tummy ache Rinne ♥