The Poker Run

Of all the baron stops at STP over the years, we’ve never fallen victim to a poached stash. Until last week. Desert Yeti went all out catering this season’s Poker Run but an unattended cooler was momentarily kidnapped. Several early arrivals tracked down suspects at the ramada and down in the bush. Not interested in hostile recovery, no clues were obtained from the locals. But the cooler was discovered down in the bushes below the footbridge. Limes, mixers, and ice remained. Unfortunately the main baron ingredients remained at large. Apparently the locals “…don’t drink that stuff in this heat.” Yeti took off to restock and the race goes on.

Modified baron staff were sent off to their stations and the group given instructions. Three mandatory stops; Hole-in-the-Rock, Amphitheater, and the Tomb. You must collect your cocktail items and return to the start. Then promptly discard the items you so carefully gathered and Yeti pours you a beverage. This last one he audibled at the finish.

The full length courses very much cater to the geared and speedy. Luis, Gerrit, and a returning STP sophomore Evan (Oregon transplant who’s like a big deal in Duathlon or something) took off into the dust. The canal stretch acts like a mini ITT. So when I found myself drafting Cody and Krack into the flat I felt pretty good about my chances. Until a cup was dropped bouncing down Hole-Rock. Which gave Krack and Randazzo easy passes. Managed to pull Randazzo back for a moment after the vigilante segment.

Quick visit with B-hard at the Amphitheater sent us back with limes. And a premature turn off the butte gave my position back to Randazzo who was never to be seen again. Sneaked in behind Nate back on the canal because he was mistakenly told to hit Hole-Rock twice. This was the result of a miscommunication between myself and Rinne. Sorry mate.

Back at the end Yeti played barkeep and we enjoyed his replacement drinks. Luis takes solid hold of the season lead with three weeks to go. It might only be 3/10ths of a point, but it seems larger to Gerrit. Many thanks to the barons and especially Yeti for their efforts to keep this year’s Poker Run on track!

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Gerrit
3 Stephen John
4 Wentzel
5 Evan Pardi
6 Grasshopper
7 Sowers
8 Conelly
9 Cody Goodman (SS)
10 Joe Mullins
11 Krack
12 Lasse
13 Randazzo
14 Nate McDonald
15 S. Jesus
16 NE Scott
17 Vinsanity
18 John Fritz
19 Elaine Stanton
20 Issac King
21 Jennifer LeRoy
22 Josh W
23 Gerald Biehle
24 Jeff Kellum
25 Paul C
26 Alan Bonk
27 Brandon Martinez
28 Andrew Fritz
29 Kevin Bufkin
30 The Ginger
31 Bill Parmentier
32 Andy Nathal
33 Melissa Goodman