BHARD’s Birthday Loop

Much like Bhard himself, this loop was born a couple years ago in the winter when he decided to host his version of a beer mile as a little birthday party. Do a lap, drink a beer, x4. It was hard. It somehow manages to make the LoPiano ridge even worse. I recall Yeti just edging me out for 3rd place in that hallowed event. Though I didn’t puke. Which I think counts for something.

The loop itself is about a mile long and runs counterclockwise around the LoPiano portion of Papago. It very much resembles Gerrit’s “White Russian” course because as Bhard stated at the start, “…he copied me.” Though Gerrit’s loop doesn’t include anything on the east side by the playground and cuts the ridge short to finish at the footbridge. So while artistic liberty was surely taken, I’m going to rule that they’re wholly different courses.

Three laps with a baron after two was this day’s call. Bhard got topless and waived a beer soaked shirt in the air to signal the start. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”, he exclaimed. We raced along Curry Rd towards the bottom of the big ridge, bunching up at the narrow chute with a hairpin right turn. Approaching this I recalled “oh yeah, the line is down the middle”, and then I promptly followed Issac wide left. He managed to drop in while I dabbed and ruined the flow for a few behind me.

Randazzo cleared a path for me to follow up the ridge and we dropped back for lap two. This time the chute was handled properly but the ridge took a few souls. Several opted to walk rather than torque the pedals in the sand. The heat had our heart rates up a bit which made the baron stop a little harder than usual. Two laps and a cold one down I took aim on Yeti. But hope was lost by the time I hit the ridge. Cresting the top I could hear tires just behind me. And at the bottom Leilah and Elaine charged by on the flat to erase any chance.

Gerrit reclaims the top spot though without Luis in the lineup it’s hard to cut into the lead. Four more weeks to go and we’ll see who comes out on top. Goodman (SS) lost his perfect attendance record to Paul. First STP he’s missed in two seasons.

1 Gerrit
2 Tyler C
3 Sowers
4 Wentzel
5 Stephen John
6 Joe Mullins
7 Issac King
8 Krack
9 Desert Yeti  ☺
10 Leilah Krohn/Mack
11 Elaine Stanton
12 S. Jesus
13 Randazzo
14 John Fritz
15 Josh W
16 Vinsanity
17 Sarah
18 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
19 Conelly
20 Andrew Fritz
21 Jeff Kellum
22 Rudy
23 Esequiel
24 The Ginger
25 Paul C
26 Michael Urwin
27 Bill Parmentier
28 Kevin Bufkin
29 Jolly
30 Candy