Botanical Burnout ~ Anniversary Edition

The couple that plays together something something has fun and drinks a lot of beer. And rides bikes. Cody & Melissa have been two of STP’s most consistent names over the last couple years. So when their 2nd wedding anniversary fell on a Tuesday, they wanted to celebrate with us.

They commissioned some barons, brought the cake, and set the rules. Four laps of the Burnout it was. Wedding cake stop after two. Bubbly toast after three. And a fourth to finish. At the last second Cody calls for 22 push ups (August 22nd…) in lieu of cake or bubbly. Level of cruelty was debated.

We may need to rethink the whole starting up steep loose gravel thing. The climb up towards the Hole-in-the-Rock saddle was a disaster. Even without 30 of us bunched together. Gerrit threw a chain early and had to work his way through the crowd on lap one. A downed tree in the baron wash made the climb back to the start a little more interesting than usual.

This loop has a couple spots where the geared folk can make a good pass since it’s not all flat or all punchy. Some nice exchanges were made going out for lap two. I settled in behind Yeti kept the front group in (distant) sight. At the cake stop there was a chance to make a move. And the move was to stuff the whole piece into your mouth and keep moving. Figure out how to breathe later. The last bite wasn’t fully down until well past the start line. Managed to pass the Yeti and hang on to Stephen and Krack for the remainder. Lap three brought a quick shot of bubbly and then out for a final turn.

The 22 push ups was definitely a hard blow to the non-baron folks. Maybe for a single stop race but two sets was nasty when the rest of the group are downing quick shots. But some of got an extra upper body workout in…

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Gerrit
3 Wentzel
4 Sowers
5 Joe Mullins
6 Cody Goodman (SS)
7 LaRoche
8 Stephen John
9 Grasshopper
10 Krack
11 S. Jesus
12 Humble Kirk
13 Steezeman
14 Desert Yeti  ☺
15 Randazzo
16 Joe Egosque
17 Leilah Krohn/Mack
18 Jennifer LeRoy
19 John Fritz
20 Jeff Kellum
21 Gerald Biehle
22 Paul C
23 Andrew Fritz
24 Bill Parmentier
25 Rinne ♥
26 Kevin Bufkin
27 Melissa Goodman
28 Vinsanity
29 Michael Urwin
30 Jolly
31 Candy on a Klunker!