Everyone Got Lei’d Melee

Each year we try a few new ideas to keep the loops fresh and the competition on their toes. Sometimes they make it into the rotation, other times we sweep them away. And then some others turn into a mess and nobody has any idea what’s going on. But it’s always fun.

NE Scott had an idea for a super short course with lap tallies taken by way of lei. Start from the ASU building and then race around the dirt jump butte. That’s it. But it’s a punchy bastard. He and the wife provided some fruity baron treats leftover from their wedding. We started with two mandatory laps to spread us out. And for each subsequent lap and baron stop, you earned a lei. Repeat for 24 minutes.

From the start to the top of the jumps was a loose, dusty shitshow. Elaine took a proper spill on the way to the first climb. And after the last couple storms tore up the trails, we wore that shit in again no doubt. Two laps down and time for a beverage. Or push ups. Your choice of either to get lei’d. It was hard to tell the front of the pack from the back. Lots of different paces and baron strategies overlapping. Goodman, Lasse, and I arrived at the first baron together.

Lap three was the third time I saw that poor girl in the ΑΔΠ shirt who was just trying to get a hike in. Fortunately she moved north after seeing no end in sight. Second baron stop drinks were sweeter somehow, and I followed Lasse out for lap four. Back at the ranch it turns out we ran out of leis. And this is where it got messy. Scott called it off on account of our scoring system being around everyone’s necks. And we signed out on the sheet at 16 minutes. But then creativity struck! Scott collected the leis and called the race on again! His idea, his race, his rules.

Confusion abounded as some of us took off for more laps. Hey we came to ride bikes anyway right? During lap five it seems the baron juice had run dry. So on to lap six. After which I think it was getting dark and everyone had had enough of that loose climb. Plus time had (probably) run out. Fuzzy math was invoked to count the first two laps, then laps+barons, and then more OT laps.

Fortunately for everybody we scored points based on lap count. So the most anyone was assessed was 8th place. The top two stayed the same, and everyone else moved up a point or more because that’s how math works. So even if you think you were shorted a lap or baron stop, who cares. You made the “top 10”.

Big thanks to Scott & Erin for the idea, baron supplies, and creativity. And speaking of weddings, Cody & Melissa have chosen to celebrate their 2nd anniversary with us next Tuesday! Apparently the 2nd year is the Botanical Burnout anniversary…

9 Gerrit
9 Goat Socks Luis
9 Randazzo
8 S. Jesus
8 Wentzel
8 Issac King
8 Krack
8 Rinne ♥
8 Cody Goodman (SS)
7 Lasse
7 Elaine Stanton
7 Char Char
7 Jennifer LeRoy
7 Vamaj
6 Humble Kirk
6 The Ginger
6 Josh W
6 Laurel Arndt
6 Jeff Kellum
5 LaRoche
5 Deanna
5 Steezeman
5 Joe Egosque
5 Leah Yost
5 Jessica Gade
5 John Fritz
5 Andrew Fritz
4 Paul C
4 Desert Yeti  ☺
4 Michael Urwin
4 Candy
4 Gerald Biehle
3 Melissa Goodman
3 Bill Parmentier
2 Glen