Golf Course #1

Since the paving of the 5k loop around the Phoenix side of Papago, we hadn’t made our way around the golf course. The former loop is now a highway. There’s been some fun new singletrack coming to life adjacent to the old trail, with legit jumps and twisty corners in and out of washes. But it’s a little hard to follow in spots and visibility has been a consideration in that area as of late.

So this time we started further south and spread ourselves out into that section. ASU building to Hole-in-the-Rock, then across Galvin and left onto the new shit. Around the links and back the normal way to the footbridge. Baron stop conveniently placed in the saddle right before the fence line descent to the tunnel. I gave myself a bit of a brain ouchy on Sunday, so I sat this one out. Gerald was nursing a flat tire and Julie was out for a hike, so they joined me at the baron quarters. p.s. ~ Thanks Julie for bringing the trash bag back!

A dusty conga line sped away towards the washed out dirt jumps. Wentzel was was first back with Grasshopper less than a minute back. Not surprisingly there were stories of endless routes around the golf course. Its current path isn’t obvious so I was expecting some to get lost, and some to add a few extra pedal strokes to the loop. Apparently Jolly went full around the Amphitheater just for fun. A fair number of push ups were done too, more than normal I’d say. Which provided some leftovers for the swampy ass footbridge finish. Come to learn Cody (SS) used some strategery to stay in 6th place coming back. Thus qualifying him to skip Hole-Rock on the return. Crafty bastard.

NE Scott has a tropical themed loop for y’all coming up. Next week at STP, everyone gets lei’d.

1 Wentzel
2 Grasshopper
3 Cody Goodman (SS)
4 Stephen John
5 Joe Mullins
6 Issac King
7 Elaine Stanton
8 Lasse
9 Krack
10 Sam Maneely
11 Conelly
12 Joe Egosque
13 Luke Maneely
14 Steezeman
15 John Fritz
16 Char Char
17 Jennifer LeRoy
18 Jeff Kellum
19 Adrian
20 Rudy
21 Paul C
22 Kevin Bufkin
23 Jessica Gade
24 The Ginger
25 Andrew Fritz
26 Jolly
27 Candy
28 Melissa Goodman
30 Daniel Billotte
31 Andy Nathal