Crazy 8’s #2

Group adventure to the north side this week. The heat was a little bit sticky but we had a nice breeze. Regular sized crowd allowed us to all start in the same direction this time. Three full figure 8’s was the consensus, though no baron stop. Sorry, that shit is heavy.

Typical bottleneck climb into the first turn but we spread it out quickly. I followed Leah around the first loop with a sight on the front pack. A couple of loose turns and a dab just ahead of us was enough to widen the gap. Manged a pass on the climb back to the front side and caught a glimpse of Gerrit leading the group past the ramada before we even hit the connector.

An unfortunately timed family hike slowed us a bit going towards the Amphitheater. But thems the breaks. We all gotta share. Taking the high line back around the north butte I could still see Isaac and Cody (SS) ahead. Lap two pace stayed pretty steady. Going into lap three Grasshopper is coming off the south butte just as I’m heading up. So I knew the fast kids were still in between. Leah made her pass on that right hand turn and I resolved to just follow her around and into the finish. Three weeks off race pace took its toll. Krack suffered a flat and his attempts to keep it up failed, resulting in a long walk back from the canal. But he soldiered on and joined a small group of regulars at Spinelli’s for brew(s).

Next Wednesday (8/2): Papago Park Preserve Meeting
6pm at the Tempe Public Library, Southern & Rural

Leave your pitchforks at home for now. This appears to be a simple meeting to discuss proposed draft language and to get community feedback on something that might make it to ballot in 2018. Come to learn and represent the community that uses those trails.
Note: This is Tempe, not Phoenix. So this is an entirely separate issue from the paved 5K loop on the north (Phoenix) side.

1 Gerrit
2 Yuri
3 Grasshopper
4 Sowers
5 Sam Maneely
6 Wentzel
7 Joe Mullins
8 Luke Maneely
9 Issac King
10 Cody Goodman (SS)
11 Leah Yost
12 S. Jesus
13 David Haberstock
14 John Fritz
15 Leilah Krohn/Mack
16 Char Char
17 Conelly
18 +1 lap Steezeman
19 Josh W
20 Rinne ♥
21 Gerald Biehle
22 Jeff Kellum
23 Michael Urwin
25 Bill Parmentier
26 Paul C
27 Kevin Bufkin
28 Andrew Fritz
29 Melissa Goodman
30 Brett Walker
DNF – flat Krack