Out n’ Back #2

Classic Out n’ Back course this week. Week #12 and I think it’s the first actual repeat too. Rock drop, to the tunnel, to Hole-in-the-Rock. Then across Galvin Pkwy and around the Amphitheater butte before coming back home. The top 5 had to do Hole-Rock each way, though I don’t know if it makes that much difference.

My view was limited to the start/finish line but word is of a big bottleneck into the rock drop with such a large crowd. And a dusty wheel-to-wheel pace line down into the tunnel. Apparently Luis didn’t catch on to Gerrit until well into the first canal stretch. They stayed together around the Amphitheater and Luis made his move coming back through Hole-Rock.

Into the finish Luis took it by maybe 20 seconds. And Grasshopper maybe 30 behind Gerrit. Spots 4-10 were so bunched up I had to line them up to keep the order straight. Lots of solid efforts this night! Finish line baron pit kept the crowd hanging around for a bit too. Though supplies were depleted quickly.

*Cheers to Lasse and Gerrit who took the reigns the last couple weeks while I was out of the office. Looks like lots of fun was had and the beat goes on. Thanks fellas!

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Gerrit
3 Grasshopper
4 Joe Mullins
5 Wentzel
6 Conelly
7 Humble Kirk
8 Lasse
9 Sowers
10 Riley
11 Luke Maneely
12 Vinsanity
13 Cody Goodman (SS)
14 LaRoche
15 Krack
16 Leilah Krohn
17 Steezeman
18 Shawn
19 John Fritz
20 NE Scott
21 Jennifer LeRoy
22 Rinne ♥
23 Laurel Arndt
24 Paul C
25 Char Char
26 Josh W
27 Elaine Stanton
28 Leah Yost
29 Jessica Gade
30 Michael Urwin
31 Melissa Goodman
32 Bill Parmentier
33 Bob Peterson