Reverse Hombres

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. While Jesus was off doing who knows what, who knows where, the rest of us decided to change things up a bit. A new take on an old course, a new starting line, and I’m pretty sure a new baron giveaway, but more on that later.

30 sweaty grown adults showed up this week and four not-quite-adults. We all convened at the footbridge and then it was off to the new starting line. We all rode toward the trail that parallels Curry road on the north side of the park for 3 laps of Tres Hombres in reverse. We started in a valley just below the Curry rock drop. After our guest Barons were in place (Candy, B-Hard and Jolly) the race was on. Luis took a quick lead and many were left fumbling up the rock drop… it doesn’t take much to have to walk your bike there.

At the bottom of the Curry descent, near the horse tunnel, there’s a mean left turn with loose scree abound, this is where Luis slipped and slid and I got by. I led the charge up the hill passing by the historical society museum and at the same time another rider came ripping down the trail, being in race mode, and by decree of the rules of the trail, having the right of way as an up-hiller, I didn’t relent, though I did scoot right. It didn’t matter this guy came flying down and tailwhipped the bike at Luis and I, shooting rocks and dust everywhere. He apparently ran a few others off the trail too.

As we came through to mark our first lap, Luis took the lead and he really set sail after that. Fortunately there was still a baron stop after lap two. I arrived at the baron and Luis was chugging a can of Sprite, thankfully, I had purchased a box of wine and some dixie cups as the baron drink of choice to pay homage to Le Tour. I got out ahead of Luis because of his fizzy drink but it wasn’t long until he reclaimed the top spot and never looked back.

Luis took the win, much to my chagrin but afterward, there was plenty more wine to go around and many stayed. Afterward we hit Spinelli’s. I have to give a shout out to Stephen John who busted his knee on the course Tuesday night, heal up my friend. Also, good luck to Jolly and Candy in Washington for SSUSA and a heartfelt goodbye to long-time STPer  and soon to be dad, Ashley Anderson, as he and his wife are moving to Minnesota this weekend. Next week it will be business as usual.

~ Gerrit

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Gerrit
3 Grasshopper
4 Lasse
5 Rhys Louis
6 Luke Maneely
7 Cody Goodman (SS)
8 David Erb
9 Conelly
10 Sam Maneely
11 Vinsanity
12 Ashley Anderson
13 Randazzo
14 Andre Magdelano
15 Joe Egosque
16 Leilah Krohn
17 Gnome
18 Leah Yost
19 Josh W
20 Joe V
21 Rinne ♥
22 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
23 Jennifer LeRoy
24 Jeff Kellum
25 John Fritz
26 David Haberstock
27 Gerald Biehle
28 Andrew Fritz
29 The Ginger
30 Rudy
31 Paul C
32 Jessica Gade
33 Melissa Goodman
34 Bill Parmentier