The Freedom Loop

A solid group of 15 showed up today, celebrating the 4th with some hot sweaty mountain biking. Course was the Viking’s creation: Start at footbridge; free for all through the tunnel, sharp left along Curry, to the ASU building where push ups and baron awaited nestled in the bushes. We went old school for those that did not possess baron skills: wait for the person behind you to finish, and do 10 push ups. This slowed down a few of the spring chickens… I vote for reintroducing this rule! Up and over the dirt jumps to the pyramid. Circle the pyramid, and free for all back to the footbridge via the horse tunnel.

Out of the gates people quickly split, some took the rock jump and others did the sprinter canal. Canal folks clearly won here, but the rock jumpers had some more fun. Baron was just perfect and Conelly ensured there was heckling of the spring chickens, and taking his time! Beautiful sunset towards the pyramid; I managed to pass Cody SS on the climb towards dirt jumps but I lost some of my energy going back to the footbridge; damn 35+ miles of mountain biking with Hunter in the AM will do that to ya. Barely kept competition just behind me. Most people scattered quickly as many had prior engagements; but some of us stayed put on the shitty climb aka LoPiano ridge and enjoyed fireworks and leftover supplies – ‘Merica! BHard even showed up with his slightly injured body.


1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Gerrit
3 Stephen John
4 Joe Mullins
5 Issac King
6 Nate McDonald
7 Lasse
8 Luke Maneely
9 Conelly
10 Cody Goodman (SS)
11 Sam Maneely
12 Ashley Anderson
13 Paul C
14 Melissa Goodman
15 Jessica Gade