Tres Coyotes

Coyote Grande/Tres Hombres combo loops. We took the ridge portion of Coyote, and looped it back with the wash part of Hombres. Four laps with a baron stop after two was the call. Steep and dusty climb out from the start to the saddle. A scraped up Grasshopper overcooked the first turn and went down. Up ahead Luis had an early lead as Gerrit chased up the ridge. Lots of moves made along the descent heading down towards the turn above Curry.

Grasshopper made his way through the crowd back to the front pack coming up the ridge climb on lap two. The baron stop proved hard for lots of us. It was hot. Easily 112° at the line. Foam and dust make for a wicked combo in the heat. Laps three and four saw most just trying to keep pace. Push ups were the smart move that day. Not only for comfort but for the win too. Gerrit couldn’t quite catch the Luis as the baron loomed heavy. Stephen gave his back at the finish, filling in for Yeti who was absent this week.

OG Taco took the place of pizza as Spinelli’s was closed for maintenance this week. Not bad overall, but we’ll stick to pizza. Back to Spinelli’s we go next Tuesday.

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Gerrit
3 Grasshopper
4 Wentzel
5 Joe Mullins
6 Luke Maneely
7 Stephen John
8 Issac King
9 Cody Goodman (SS)
10 Vinsanity
11 Sam Maneely
12 Matt Maneely
13 Ashley Anderson
14 Krack
15 S. Jesus
16 Conelly
17 Randazzo
18 John Fritz
19 Jeff Kellum
20 Char Char
21 Joe Egosque
22 Jennifer LeRoy
23 Paul C
24 Bill Parmentier
25 Melissa Goodman
26 The Ginger
27 Jolly
28 Andy Nathal
29 Candy
30 Kiki Dee