Botanical Burnout #1

Big crowd for a lesser known course this week. Everyone must have looked at the forecast for next Tuesday…  Like for real this time, might be the last of the reasonable temperatures for a while. Gerrit got out there early and marked the loop with a bag of anonymous powder so we could find our way. Short and fast is the Burnout, with a couple climbs but nothing like Lopiano. Four laps was the call with a baron stop after two. NE Scott had some wedding leftovers on tap, along with the Bombay that Isaac abandoned a few weeks back.

40+ charging up Hole-in-the-Rock is a shitshow. And that run-up is in way worse shape than last season. Lots of spinning and hike-a-bike. Cody (SS) managed to power into the front group and made it past the conga line. Lap 1 was a dusty affair without much separation. In a crowded pack Rinne was making some moves as I tried to keep Yeti in check. Maybe 20 seconds between spots 10-20 going into the baron stop.

I’ll admit I had an advantage knowing what the cocktails consisted of, but it didn’t help the taste. On this short course the front and back of the pack started to mix on lap 3. I put some time on Rinne and Yeti and set sights on Ashley. Never got that pass but hung with the group as we went into the second half of lap 4 unchanged. Behind me I could hear Yeti pass Rinne on the last climb full steam for the finish.

Good night all around. Some new faces, only scared a few hikers, excellent baron crew. Thanks to NE Scott for manning the station and mixing some rough drinks. Kudos to B-hard for making an appearance less than a week after busting his shoulder out at Papago on a solo stunt ride. He’s got some pretty gnarly x-ray shots! And also to Gerrit who got married a couple weeks ago! Y’all are good people. See ya next week for some “Excessive Heat Warning Loops“.

1 Gerrit
2 Goat Socks Luis
3 Grasshopper
4 Wentzel
5 Cody Goodman (SS)
6 Joe Mullins
7 Stephen John
8 Luke Maneely
9 Vinsanity
10 RJ Weibly
11 Rhys Louis
12 Sam Maneely
13 Conelly
14 Krack
15 LaRoche
16 Ashley Anderson
17 Jeff Hawkins
18 S. Jesus
19 Desert Yeti  ☺
20 Rinne ♥
21 Elaine Stanton
22 Wilson Burwell
23 Brent
24 Issac King
25 Andre Magdelano
26 Steezeman
27 Joe Egosque
28 John Fritz
29 Mastersax Lazerbeam
30 Gerald Biehle
31 Nick Sgkora???
32 Ed Tybor
33 Andrew Fritz
34 Paul C
35 Michael Urwin
36 Melissa Goodman
37 Frog
38 Bill Parmentier
39 Jessica Gade
40 The Ginger
41 Jolly
42 Candy