Lopiano Loops #1

Probably the least anticipated of the traditional STP loops. It’s steep. And right in the middle of a figure 8 so you hit the climb twice per lap. I was going to call for two, but the crowd seemed eager for three laps. So it was.

At the top of the first climb Putnam and I tried to squeeze through the same narrow gap. I dabbed and that was the beginning of the end for me. The front group was approaching the second half climb in a long line. Putnam and Krack were in sight looping down into the baron stop. They made their exchange in record time and sped off with the back end of the lead pack. The rest was mostly a foamy blur. Lots of good efforts on that climb. And some unique passing lines being taken. There’s not many options up there.

Gerrit returned for the first time this season and promptly dethroned Luis in week #6. Expect many close battles between those two and the Grasshopper in the future. The rest of the fast group stayed largely intact in the standings. A really good crowd for a tough course on a day when the temps reached 106° at the start line. Thanks to Rinne ♥ for the help with the baron stop.

1 Gerrit
2 Goat Socks Luis
3 Grasshopper
4 Sowers
5 Wentzel
6 Joe Mullins
7 Gnome
8 Cody Goodman (SS)
9 Desert Yeti  ☺
10 Krack
11 Luke Maneely
12 Ashley Anderson
13 Conelly
14 Sam Maneely
15 Brent
16 S. Jesus
17 Josh W
18 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
19 Char Char
20 Gerald Biehle
21 Michael Urwin
22 Frog
23 The Ginger
24 Rudy
25 John Fritz
26 Jeff Kellum
27 Bill Parmentier
28 Paul C
29 Jennifer LeRoy
30 Melissa Goodman
31 Andrew Fritz
32 Candy
33 Jolly
34 Andy Nathal