Tres Hombres #1

We debated going four laps on this one, and as always three was plenty in the end. At the line Grasshopper was all alone for the start. An uncontested hole shot into the first hill. But Luis was right behind him and I somehow fell into third out of the gate. Mainly because I placed my bike up front. Ya know, because of the course instructions. Those two rode away in a hurry at the saddle and the rest of us settled in on the climb up Curry. Wentzel and Gnome went by in a cloud of dust and gained ground over the rock drop.

Baron stop after lap 1 kept the front group in check and a good number of push ups were being doled out. New number is 30 for non-baron participants. Apparently this more accurately compensates for the time it takes for the others to finish their beverages. Spots 3-10 were up for grabs leaving for lap 2. I followed Nate up the hill to the saddle as I tried to keep Krack and Yeti in check. Starting up the Curry hill Goodman (SS) gave a pass and we all stayed pretty well in line through the finish.

Rumor has it Grasshopper almost had, or was nearly tied with, Luis at the line. But the kid got to the sheet first. So, when there isn’t a finish judge, we’ll go ahead and call the sheet the line. Unless the winner(s) sort it out otherwise. As I’ll likely never be there to see it in person.

Good fast laps and good company afterwards. Some veteran regulars made their first laps of the year, and an old friend from Flagstaff got to experience the heat of our summer shitshow.

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Grasshopper
3 Andy Wentzel
4 Joe Mullins
5 Gnome
6 Vinsanity
7 Cody Goodman (SS)
8 Nate McDonald
9 S. Jesus
10 RJ Weibly
11 Andre Magdelano
12 Krack
13 Desert Yeti  ☺
14 Ashley Anderson
15 Conelly
16 Tanner Matthews
17 Char Char
18 Jennifer LeRoy
19 Jeff Kellum
20 Gerald Biehle
21 Steezeman
22 Josh W
23 Frog
24 Michael Urwin
25 Paul C
26 Bill Parmentier
27 Melissa Goodman
28 Tommy
29 The Ginger
30 Jolly
31 Candy
32 Julie Bufkin
33 Kevin Bufkin
34 Justy Pants