Crazy 8’s #1

So the heat waited until week #4. That’s fair I think. If the desert can wait until almost June to really show signs of summer, that’s a good deal. That said we could have started later. Sorry. Next week we’ll push it back and race towards sunset. This figure 8 course is pretty visible and often littered with a lot of hikers and the occasional park ranger. So we opted for an all ages baron stop this week. Three total figure 8 loops with a straw-less Capri Sun stop after two.

The field was split in two groups, each starting in a different direction. Which doesn’t change the total distance, but it does affect what parts you hit first. The first group around the little butte was hauling ass according to NE Scott. So they were well into the 2nd half as the front of the other group was just reaching the ramada. Saving that little climb for the 2nd half takes a toll. I was within 30 seconds of Yeti and Lasse for most of the first two. But after the juice bar I lost sight going into the Amphitheater. Got caught in some traffic on the 2nd half of lap 3 and gave up a few spots to the other group.

Luis goes 4-for-4. I’d blame the Capri Sun but he’s won while doing push ups three times too. Grasshopper stays in 2nd despite a tough race at the Grand Junction Off-Road last week. Yeti shakes the rust off for a top 5 spot. Krack makes his debut on the season. The OG Gnome makes an appearance in a classic blue DC kit. And we’re already at 71 individual racers on the books in four weeks. Keep bringing the new kids folks!

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Grasshopper
3 Bryan Vahjen
4 Joe Mullins
5 Desert Yeti  ☺
6 G-Reg
7 John Cox
8 Lasse
9 Sowers
10 Andre Magdelano
11 Issac King
12 Krack
13 Luke Maneely
14 Cody Goodman (SS)
15 S. Jesus
16 Steezeman
17 Nate McDonald
18 Sam Maneely
19 Rinne ♥
20 Randazzo
21 Ashley Anderson
22 Gnome
23 Laurel Arndt
24 Barrett Ullrich
25 Char Char
26 Jacob Jones
27 Jeff Kellum
28 Gerald Biehle
29 Cameron Lewis
30 Michael Urwin
31 Frog
32 Paul C
33 Jessica Gade
34 Jolly
35 Candy