Coyote Grande #1

Our first stab at this staple loop on the year and we’re still riding high with the good weather. Everybody say it together now “This is surely the last cool week before it gets hot.” We’re 0-for-3, so let’s keep being wrong.

Big crowd charged up to the dirt jumps. There’s been a lot of work up there recently, with some pretty gnarly modifications. But the line we usually take is actually a little tamer nowadays. Heading up the backside to the saddle I was able to hang behind Nate and Putnam and settle in. Starting lap two we took a pass and followed Nate around Putnam into the jumps. Some of us encountered a few hikers plus rouge rider and had to play nice. Can’t be a dick when we’re 40+ deep and moving quick. Not sure who but someone almost overcooked the sharp right turn above Curry Rd. but was able to save what would’ve been a full endo.

Baron stop saw a couple positions changes. Good form on all the push ups that were being subbed for trail sodas. Lap three was a bitch for all those who partake. Keeping that foam at bay is no easy task. The front group was pretty set into the finish so no photo finishes this time. Andy came back from a broken chain to finish the laps, but Gerald was knocked out with a flat. Lasse broke his damn chainstay en route to the race. Hopefully Transition can come through on that one. Cheers to Issac for bringing some extra IPA’s for the finish.

Luis goes 3-for-3 and Grasshopper takes his second 2nd on the year. At 10 weeks we’ll resort the standings to separate those who have shown up for half the season. Also a big thanks to Toni and crew at Spinelli’s who have been taking very good care of us post race this year. $1 PBR’s and good pie, make sure to treat them well.

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Grasshopper
3 G-Reg
4 Joe Mullins
5 Nate McDonald
6 S. Jesus
7 Vinsanity
8 Cody Goodman (SS)
9 Nick Sisco
10 Scott Jones
11 Elaine Stanton
12 Issac King
13 Desert Yeti  ☺
14 Conelly
15 Randazzo
16 Rinne ♥
17 Ashley Anderson
18 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
19 Steezeman
20 Aballs
21 Char Char
22 Jacob Cox
23 Monkey
24 The Ginger
25 Daniel Billotte
26 Jacob Jones
27 Jeff Kellum
28 Frog
29 Michael Urwin
30 Paul C
31 Cody Sanderson
32 B Hard
33 Bill Parmentier
34 Kris Johnson
35 Rudy
36 Jessica Gade
37 Melissa Goodman
38 Matt Callahan
39 The Butcher
40 Fancy Yancy
41 Jolly
42 Andy Nathal
DNF – flat Gerald Biehle
DNF Kevin Bufkin
DNF Julie Bufkin