Opening Day Out n’ Back

A traditional route to open 2017. Some new faces, a lot of regulars, and a couple veterans missing from the lineup. We added an extra baron to this edition. Scott & Erin got married last month and offered to share their hooch haul with y’all. Thank you and congrats.

The crowd took off and I rolled over to the first baron stop to assist Scott with the dispensing. It’s maybe 400 yards as the crow flies and the fast kids still beat me to the wash. Towards the middle of the pack it seemed that the sprint legs were still trying to come to life. A couple weeks of full gas pedaling in the heat and the rust should fall off.

Not being out for the full course on this one it’s hard to say how the field sorted itself out. But Luis cruised in two full minutes ahead of Grasshopper, so it was pretty well in hand by then. Only one flat in the group and a possible broken free hub that got a tow into the finish. Rumor has it from the Amphitheater baron that a couple beverages were left a little heavy. Maybe we need to re-institute the over the head rule…

Solid showing for the first week! We’ll keep the start at the footbridge for a few weeks, then start to venture around the park to more distant courses.
Up next: Curry Challenge  (hint: check the course map page)

1 Goat Socks Luis
2 Grasshopper
3 G-Reg
4 Joe Mullins
5 Stephen John
6 Vinsanity
7 Lasse
8 Sowers
9 Issac King
10 Brent
11 Cody Goodman (SS)
12 Elaine Stanton
13 Desert Yeti  ☺
14 C-Dog
15 Conelly
16 Rinne ♥
17 Randazzo
18 Jacob Cox
19 The Ginger
20 Char Char
21 Steezeman
22 Paul C
23 Sam Ckajpryclaeycntioqt
24 Bill Parmentier
25 Jolly
26 Andy Nathal
27 Michael Urwin
28 Kris Johnson
29 Jessica Gade
30 Candy
31 Duncan
32 Kevin Bufkin
33 Julie Bufkin

A few notes for the season:

  • We’ll go through the end of September (22 weeks)
  • Start times will fluctuate, usually about an hour before sunset
  • Meeting spots will change depending on the course, don’t worry we’ll tell you where
  • p.s. ~ There’s a course page with maps
  • You’ll need to show for 1/2 the season to “win” (11 weeks)
  • The next week’s info is on the bottom left of this page