Finale – 24 Minutes

This idea originally came about three years ago, or thereabouts. Shortly after that year’s Old Pueblo an article was published quipping “Is 24 hour racing dead?”. Dirty and I suggested to Melley that we open the season with a twist on the format. And so far we still have both. It’s simple; combine your number of laps with your number of baron stops to get an overall lap count. After the minimum laps are done, the choice is yours. Keep riding or flex your liver. Whatever you start before 24 minutes you can finish.

Many strategies were employed right from the start. A good chunk of the field went for the “get my three laps in and start slaying cans” method. Evan and Luis just hammered laps the whole time. Though one of them is 16 and not sponsored by a brewery. A handful tried to balance the load evenly. Admittedly it was harder to keep track of the lap/baron count than I expected. Mainly because I let the crowd pick their own numbers. Kinda making moot of my efforts to number the plates. So the results below are about as accurate as I could confirm with those who seemed to care about their score.

As you can see Andy won with his even pace strategy. He may have baron’d twice on one lap, but for the most part he stuck with a 1:1 ratio. And it worked. That’s a new course “record” I believe. Although it was an abbreviated take on the traditional Coyote Grande. I gave the same number of points to all those with the same lap totals. And in the end this put Gerrit back on top of the season. By 0.1 point. Making up for the Socialist Loop anomaly without the help of dropped scores or a curved test.

Welp that’s it folks. It was a great season. Truly grateful for all of you showing up all summer. 101+ different riders on the season, counting the BPR crew who came out for the finale. Shout out to Oskar Blues and Ninkasi Brewing for their continued support of our habit. Also Bacus Bros. for letting us cause a weekly scene in their cozy wiener kitchen. They’re open year-round too, so keep on downing those dogs. And of course thanks to Metcalf and all the people who helped host a baron stop or hauled coolers around the desert. Lastly to Gerrit and Lasse for their continued efforts getting Tempe to clean up our backyard race course. Keep riding it!

Cheers y’all!