Birthday Tomb Raider

Lasse decided he wanted to spend his birthday with us this year. Not only that, but he plotted a course and brought the party supplies too. Cheers mate, thanks for the good time! Footbridge > baby drop > tunnel > Curry climb > ASU building > dirt jumps > Hunt’s Tomb (baron stop) > Hole-in-the-Rock > footbridge. STP is all about the local lingo.

I followed the birthday boy out of the gates and immediately tossed my chain. That’s what I get for a quick clean and lube, I guess all the dirt was holding things in place. Dropped down into the tunnel with Bufkin, Kellum, and Fritz. Caught on to Geordie just before the ASU building, and then chain drop #2. A handful of guys came through on the inside wash below the ridge heading to the jumps. Maybe they were just practicing for next week’s 24 minute loop.

Caught up again at the Tomb/baron stop. Thanks to Jessica for manning the station! Followed Lasse out from there and saw the first chase group of Wentzel, Sowers, and Putnam coming back on to the canal. Was able to keep pace through Hole-in-the-Rock and then gain some ground going back into the tunnel. Lasse turned onto the canal with his fancy gears, so my only chance was to go over the top in a straight line to the finish. Chain toss #3. Gave up a spot to Stephen in the process and had myself a mini-tantrum at the finish. At least I know what needs fixing.

Hopefully y’all noticed the stark improvement in the cleanliness of the park in the LoPiano area. Lasse and Gerrit have put a lot of energy into getting Tempe to clean up the trash, and they got out there in earnest this weekend. There’s more clean up days planned, so hopefully we see it stay this fresh. A golf clap for their efforts please!

Afterwards we rolled over to Bacus as always, and were treated to some Oskar Blues on the house courtesy of local rep Jacob. He also came bearing swag for a lucky few who wear XL socks. Word on the street is that he may chip in on next week’s festivities…. ride bikes, drink OB.

1 Gerrit
2 Luis Cerna
3 Mike Sowers
4 Andy Wentzel
5 Geordie Hackett
6 Desert Yeti
7 Krack Kaczmarek
8 Tim Huber
9 Ashley Anderson
10 Cody Goodman
11 Lasse Norgaard
12 Stephen John
13 S. Jesus
14 Jeff Kellum
15 Evan Reid
16 Joe Egosque
17 Bill Parmentier
18 Kevin Bufkin
19 Gerald Biehle
20 Tori
21 Charlie B.
22 Jacob Cox
23 Candy Rogers
24 Melissa Goodman
25 Matt Callahan
26 Jolly Rogers

Next week: Season Finale – 24 Minute Race  ↓↓↓