B-hard’s Beer Mile

Back in January, B-hard concocted an exact mile loop. It’s rocky, punchy, and climbs up the LoPiano ridge backwards. He had us ride round and round to his amusement. Beers were had, prizes awarded, and it was a good time. So we did it again. Four laps with a baron stop after three. Check that, baron after two. A brief explanation of course markings and we took off. Early on I told a charging Putnam to take it easy, “…this will be a long one.” Well I seemingly took it a little too easy. The lead group took off and I never caught up.

The twisty rocks leading into the reverse LoPiano ridge climb don’t give you a lot of chance to build momentum. Grunting through that section it’s hard to pass, a good number of us fell into line and spun. I followed Fritz up and down that ridge pretty much every lap. Putnam and Goodman were just leaving the baron stop when I pulled in, giving me hope of a late charge. But it didn’t happen. Fritz and I yo-yoed the final two.

In the end it was a fairly typical night on the scoreboard. Gerrit pulling within 0.1 points of Luis, without the help of any curving of season scores. (Luis wasn’t present for the Socialist Loops). Afterwards we helped pack the house at Bacus to support Candy’s Schoolyard Scrappers who have their first bout on October 1st. Go check it out!

1 Gerrit
2 Stephen John
3 Andy Wentzel
4 Jeff Smith
5 Geordie Hackett
6 Krack Kaczmarek
7 Joe Mullins
8 Ryan Randazzo
9 Desert Yeti
10 Cody Goodman
11 John Fritz
12 S. Jesus
13 Jeff Kellum
14 Kevin Bufkin
15 Evan Reid
16 Ginger
17 Charlie B.
18 Leah Yost
19 Rudy
20 Bill Parmentier
DNF Jared Rinne
DNF Melissa Goodman
? Jon Conelly

Next week: Lasse’s Birthday Loop  (Oskar Blues night at Bacus)
Sept. 27: Season Finale ~ 24 Minute Race