Tres Hombres

Been seeing some larger groups these days. “Cooler” nights and the end of the season in sight. It’s nice to go out with a bang. Three laps of Tres Hombres were on tap. Baron stop after two. Right out of the gates Gerrit pops a quick-link and falls back. For the first time since the Socialist loops his win is in legitimate danger. A group of 10-12 stayed pretty close in the front for lap one. I know this because I could still see Stephen, Grasshopper, and Sowers on the Curry climb. Granted they we well ahead, but I was hanging in view.

Heading up the saddle on lap two Putnam pulls way wide and waives me past. Something is wrong. Normally he throws the bows out on tight corners. His face is that of agony. I scoot by with Lasse, LaRoche, Ashley, Conelly, and Randazzo. It’s still a small group going down the fence line. A pass on Ashley and Conelly (hey that’s you!), brings us into the baron stop. Lots of passes made here. Namely one by Gerrit who had replaced his quick-link, caught up, and stormed by chasing the front. Lap three was a foamy, painful slog. Couldn’t catch Goodman as usual, Krack and Jennifer slipped by just before the last climb. At the end O.E.van took the win and also handed out some Ninkasi 6-packs to some more random winners. Who were kind enough to share with the crowd.

Tomorrow (9/13): B-hard’s Beer Mile course. Meet at the footbridge at 5:45pm. We’ll ride to the east side of LoPiano for the start.
Also tomorrowScrappers Sellin’ Dogs at Bacus Bros. Our own Candy Rogers rides bikes by day and skates derby by night. And her School Yard Scrappers are having a fundraiser! A portion of Bacus’ proceeds will go to the team. And they’ll be selling some cool swag. So stick around, bring friends, and enjoy some wieners for the girls!

1 Evan Pardi
2 Stephen John
3 Geordie Hackett
4 Jeff Smith
5 Gerrit
6 Mike Sowers
7 Nate McDonald
8 Chris Gambs
9 Cody Goodman
10 Krack Kaczmarek
11 Jennifer G.
12 S. Jesus
13 Lasse Norgaard
14 Robert LaRoche
15 Ashley Anderson
16 Jon Conelly
17 Ryan Randazzo
18 Joe Egosque
19 Codey Yost
20 Charlie B.
21 Jennifer LeRoy
22 Evan Reid
23 Desert Yeti
24 Ginger
25 Rudy
26 Rebekah
27 Tori
28 Bill Parmentier
29 Kevin Bufkin

Sept. 13: B-hard’s Beer Mile  (roller derby night at Bacus)
Sept. 20: Lasse’s Birthday Race  (Oskar Blues night at Bacus)
Sept. 27: Season Finale 24 Minute Race