Capitalist Loops

Continuing our tour of the unpaved north side while daylight still allows, we took another run at LaRoche’s shade loops. Robert marked the course, thankfully, though this time we all rode the same loop. Equal opportunity. Capitalism right? And this was the longer loop naturally. It included a brutal climb up towards the promontory (aren’t those in the water?) before descending back to the start.

Robert had us line up moto style again, as he snagged a small head start while the field took off on the fireworks. The loose and rocky slope we started on set the field up kind wonky. Lots of grunts and attempts at passing while climbing the base of the butte. Anyone with fat/plus tires was in for a treat with several very loose descents and turns along the fence line. I picked a terrible day to postpone mounting a new rear tire. Slips galore climbing the last hill towards the end of the loop.

Those fast enough to make it to the baron stop after lap two were treated to a cold one thanks to LaRoche. I set out behind NE Scott on lap three, a.k.a. the “puke lap”. Fortunately it didn’t come true, but it sure as hell felt like it. Managed a pass on Robert on the big climb and I thought it might be enough to hold off Goodman. It was not. He snagged me along the fence, and in the end it cost me not only a spot on the super official points sheet, but also a prize beer.

Speaking of prize beers, newbie Evan (fresh from Oregon; thus OR Evan, or maybe just OE) is a fast kid who’s got a sponsor in Ninkasi Brewing. He’s been bringing some samples along, and has bigger plans for prizes in the final weeks of the season. A warm welcome for OE.

We’ve got four weeks left y’all. B-hard wants to host his beer mile course. Lasse’s birthday is coming up. And I’ve got a good idea for the season finale. All these will be closer to the south side since we’re (thankfully) losing daylight, and some of the heat. So stick around for the end, it’ll be fun.

1 Gerrit
2 Evan Pardi
3 Hunter
4 Stephen John
5 Jeff Smith
6 Geordie Hackett
7 Krack Kaczmarek
8 Joe Mullins
9 Desert Yeti
10 Lasse Norgaard
11 NE Scott
12 Jon Conelly
13* Cody Goodman
14 S. Jesus
15 Dave Seaquist
16 Bob LaRoche
17 Charlie B.
18 Jeff Kellum
19 Joe Egosque
20 John Fritz
21* B-Hard
22 Ginger
23 Rebekah
24* Jared Rinne
25 Bill Parmentier
26 Andrew Fritz
DNF Candy Rogers
DNF Melissa Goodman
DNF Rudy
DNF Jessica Gade

Next week: Tres Hombres  ↓↓↓