Botanical Backwards

It’s getting dark earlier each week these days. So we might as well take one more stab at the courses on the northern edge of Papago before we can’t make it up there before sundown. At least the ones that the City of Phoenix hasn’t started paving that is.

Gerrit suggested we race it backwards this time. So that’s what we did. Thankfully he marked it, and you should be grateful because that shit takes a lot longer than you’d expect. Big crowd this week. School kids are back and a few newbie faces are on the scene. Good to see.

The fast folks were back so quick I was sure of shenanigans on course. But Gerrit rolled in first with a train behind him, and he marked it himself. Hitting the baron wash this direction looked a little sketchy. Coming in on the second lap Luis almost overcooked the sandy turn and made a good save to avoid a cactus. There were calls for more than three laps, but at the baron stop after two, the tune changed a bit. Krack was handed an off brand beverage and put it down anyway. Then he was offered a deal. A second beverage that matched his jersey in exchange for a few spots credit. He took the deal. He lost ground on Randazzo doing so, but netted two spots on the night. Good to see the Spanniard out there again cruising the canals. Thanks for the help in the wash Sir.

In the coming weeks we’ll have some prizes, swag, and the like on hand. So maybe come on out and win something? Oskar Blues will be with us at Bacus Bros. again on September 20th. And then you won’t want to miss the season finale on the 27th. Summers go by quick don’t they?

1 Gerrit
2 Chip
3 Luis Cerna
4 Andy Wentzel
5 Evan Pardi
6 RJ Weibly
7 Cody Goodman
8 Joe Mullins
9 Ryan Randazzo
10 Nate McDonald
7* Krack Kaczmarek
12 Codey Yost
13 John Cox
14 Jeff Kellum
15 John Fritz
16 Bob LaRoche
17 Evan Reid
18 Stephen John
19 Gerald Biehle
20 Rebekah
21 Rudy
22 Bill Parmentier
23 Daniel Billotte
24 Jolly Rogers
25 Andrew Fritz
26 Melissa Goodman
27 Candy Rogers
28 Tori
29 Andy Nathal

Next week: Bob’s Capitalist Loops (north side)  ↓↓↓