Lo Piano Jr.

Super quick recap of this week’s STP. Flight to PA for Singlespeed USA leaves at 1am, and there are drinks to be had.

Five laps of the small Lo Piano loop was the call this time. Nobody likes that damn ridge climb, and I can rightfully send y’all up it when I don have a bike to do it myself. Things cracked off fast, Jared and I set about preparing baron supplies. Soon enough Geordie comes walking in with a blown fork. Off to Specialized it goes. Then NE Scott races back with words of a crash on course. Laurel went over the bars on the rock drop. 3rd degree AC separation and a couple cracked ribs. Solid work if you’re going to go down.

We may join forces with a group next week to discuss the paving of Papago up on the Phoenix side. Stay tuned.

1 Gerrit
2 Justin Dunagan
3 Andy Wentzel
4 RJ Weibly
5 Desert Yeti
6 Krack Kaczmarek
7 Joe Mullins
8 Cody Goodman
9 Ashley Anderson
10 Codey Yost
11 Kevin Trowbridge
12 Ginger
13 Jeff Kellum
14 Bill Parmentier
15 B-Hard
16 David Haberstock
17 Gerald Biehle
18 Melissa Goodman
19 Candy Rogers
20 Jolly Rogers
DNF – Mech. Geordie Hackett
EMT Julie Kramer
DNF – Crash Laurel Arndt

Next week: Botanical Burnout  ↓↓↓