Coyote Hombres

Despite all the threatening weather that rolled through town early in the day none of it stuck around. Would have been nice to get some clouds or light rain, but the lack of lightning meant we could ride this week. The plan was for a Coyote Grande/Tres Hombres combo. One lap of Coyote, then two laps of Hombres with a baron stop in the middle. There was a very mediocre explanation of the directions beforehand. Thus many wrong turns were made, especially when the second loop essentially laps the first. Didn’t really matter too much. Fast guys were fast, and the rest of us fell into place.

Out of the gates my legs just weren’t having it. Climbing up the backside of the ridge on the first lap I was passed by Sowers, Goodman, and Randazzo in one fell swoop. We all stayed in line through the first Coyote lap into the fence line descent. Kudos to B-hard and crew who came out a couple weeks ago and put in some work on the berm just below the saddle. That thing used to be super fast until erosion and general use tore it up. They put a couple hours into it a few Saturdays ago, and it’s as good as new. Round of applause please.

Down at the baron stop Jared was manning the wares after he took a wrong turn and decided to cover the station. Putnam came rolling in just as I was finishing up and he was my new guy to beat. Goodman and Randazzo were in view for the whole third lap but they were too far gone.

After manning the baron station Jared took off for an encore, and ended up on the wrong side of the bars dropping down from the saddle. A little dirt rash and a solid gash in his forearm. Nothing seven stitches and some whiskey couldn’t take care of. Thanks to Melissa and Candy for hanging with him while he decided to call it a night. A couple bonus points were removed from their finish on the night.


1 Luis Cerna
2 Gerrit
3 Andy Wentzel
4 Geordie Hackett
5 Mike Sowers
6 Stephen John
7 Joe Mullins
8 Cody Goodman
9 Ryan Randazzo
10 S. Jesus
11 Nate McDonald
12 Desert Yeti
13 Ashley Anderson
14 Joe Egosque
15 David Haberstock
16 John Fritz
17 Charlie B.
18 Ginger
19 Andrew Fritz
20 Jeff Kellum
21 Bill Parmentier
22 Jolly Rogers
23 Kevin Bufkin
EMT Candy Rogers
EMT Melissa Goodman
DNF – Flat Jennifer LeRoy
DNF – Crash Jared Rinne

Next week: Lo Piano Jr.  ↓↓↓