Little League Rain Out

Driving home from work on the 202 the majority of the storm was west of Papago, dumping on central Phoenix. However by the time I was crossing Town Lake the winds had changed. Lasse rolled in and said all the trails were dry and it was raining further north by Camelback. The only problem was the copious amounts of lightning bouncing around the clouds right above us. It had the feel of a little league game waiting on the Ump to call it. The weather was cool, nice breeze, and the kids wanted to ride. But alas the lightning was frequent and quite close.

We waited a good twenty minutes hoping it would blow through, but it never did. In the interest of common sense, we stayed off the ridges (which is hard) and rode a simple loop from the footbridge down the canal and lakefront trail. Credit to Trowbridge for the idea. Four quick laps with a beverage in the middle. Wasn’t really what I had planned, or a real fair course. So everyone wins!

Next week we’ll reprise what I had on tap for yesterday.

Andrew Fritz
Andy Wentzel
Bill Parmentier
Cody Goodman
David Haberstock
Desert Yeti
Isaac King
Jared Rinne
John Fritz
Kevin Trowbridge
Krack Kaczmarek
Lasse Norgaard
Melissa Goodman
Mike Sowers
Phil Bohn
S. Jesus

Next week: Coyote Hombres  ↓↓↓