The Poker Run

The Margarita Poker Run always shakes things up a bit. A modified Out n’ Back with a couple stops to gather some libation ingredients. Pick up your supplies, get to the Amphitheater, mix your beverage, throw it down and the first one back wins. Gerrit (fresh off a Telluride 100 finish), Callahan, and Metcalf were kind enough to man your stations. It’s refreshing in theory but yesterday was anything but in practice. Temps somewhere near 110° at the start. And it’s been muggy by our standards. So we were in for a sticky affair aside from the margarita mix.

Right out of the gates I threw my chain on the first climb. So I wasn’t holding out much hope for the day. Fortunately it held the rest of the race without any actual adjustments. Lots of various routes were taken up to the ridge where Gerrit was stationed at the first supply stop. Naturally he hiked up a bit and made us work for it. Screaming down the north side of the ridge towards the canal I almost went headlong into an uphill Ginger who took the long way around. Goodman was within reach going into the canal, but he was turning two fewer teeth in the rear, and that was that. Excuses.

Callahan was posted at Hole-in-the-Rock with supply drop #2. Crossing Galvin Pkwy Lasse, Isaac, and myself climbed together up to the buttes. Lasse peeled right and I went left. We regrouped atop the Amphitheater where Metcalf was waiting with the mixers. I happened to grab wide gauge straws when I left the house. Who knew they would help so much? Three quick sips and we were back on the trail. The run back was spun out and thirsty.

Back at the finish the sun set on us as we polished off the remnants from stop #2 with a mysterious bottle of margarita mix that appeared. Special thanks to the three barons at post this week. And also to Cody and Leah of Velofix who stopped in with their mobile bike shop. We’ve got nine weeks left on the season folks. So if you’ve got a course idea or want to play baron by your rules, speak up soon!

1 Luis Cerna
2 Stephen John
3 Geordie Hackett
4 Mike Sowers
5 Andy Wentzel
6 Joe Mullins
7 Cody Goodman
8 Bob LaRoche
9 Nate McDonald
10 Isaac King
11 RJ Weibly
12 S. Jesus
13 Lasse Norgaard
14 Krack Kaczmarek
15 Rich Inman
16 David Haberstock
17 Leah Yost
18 Jeff Kellum
19 John Fritz
20 Rudy
21 Gerald Biehle
22 Ginger
23 Bill Hines
24 B-Hard
25 Jared Rinne
26 Dave Seaquist
27 Rebekah
28 Kevin Bufkin
29 Melissa Goodman
30 Jessica Gade
31 Jolly Rogers
32 Candy Rogers

Next week: TBD  ↓↓↓