The Grasshopper

A few weeks back Geordie “Grasshopper” called his shot. He spoke of an interior loop running the ridge along the powerline and descending into the Tres Hombres wash. Short, steep, loose, fast. Those are always a crowd favorite. When you can see your competition and never feel like you’re off the back alone. Gerrit stepped up to play baron since he’s in final prep for the Telluride 100 this Saturday.

A legit neutral lap gave us a tour of the course. The call was four hot laps, with a baron stop on the ridge during lap three. Into the first climb we got strung out quickly; lots of grunts and rear wheels slipping in the loose gravel. Rounding the butte Gerrit and B-hard had set the stage for a proper heckling party. The long, loose descent into the wash made up for the initial climb. Lots of passes being made by those with fat tires or full suspension. NE Scott whizzed by me on his 29+ twice. Goodman made a move past Ashley and Conelly on the second big climb. The group stayed in line until the wash when I was able to slip past Scott. And just before the baron stop I was able to snag Ashley and Conelly.

Leaving the baron stop I thought I had a chance to come within shouting distance of Goodman. Keyword is thought. The view from the ridge was quite nice this evening with a looming storm over the south Valley. By the end of the night there was a decent sized party going down up there. Visible from the finish no doubt. Big thanks to Geordie for the course, and Gerrit for the refreshments. Good luck in Telluirde! Also a tip of the cap to the fine folks at Odell Brewing for their complementary first round at Bacus! Cheers!


1 Hunter
2 Mike Sowers
3 Stephen John
4 Luis Cerna
5 Geordie Hackett
6 Cody Goodman
7 S. Jesus
8 Krack Kaczmarek
9 NE Scott
10 Andy Wentzel
11 Ashley Anderson
12 Charlie B.
13 John Fritz
14 Jon Conelly
15 Jeff Kellum
16 Gerald Biehle
17 Jared Rinne
DNF Ryan Randazzo
DNF Ginger
DNF Jolly Rogers
DNF Melissa Goodman

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