Botanical Burnout II

We went back to the beginning this week and gave a newer course a second run. This loop started the season back in April and was noticeably tougher in the heat this time around. It’s a short course that’s deceptively punchy with some washy climbs and sandy corners. Thankfully LaRoche and Gerrit were out a bit early to drop some markings. There was a neutral lap to showcase the route that was mostly neutral until we circled back to the base of Hole in the Rock. Nobody seemed to be jockeying for position, but the fast kids were up front and we kicked off in roughly fair order for four legit hot laps.

Into the first climb I found myself behind Goodman which gave me hope since we often end up playing cat and mouse. However the rider ahead of him slipped a wheel and dabbed around the corner. Goodman made it around in front and that was about the end of it. Unlike some other loops there’s plenty of room to pass, but with the “neutral” start most of the sorting had been done for us. At the end of the lap you can easily see the first part of the trail, and subsequently how far back you are off the front.

Ending lap two I caught LaRoche and dropped into the wash for a baron stop. Hoping to gain some time I suffered through a bit faster than I wanted to. Needless to say on the ensuing climb I nearly gave it all back. Laps three and four seemed to be pretty calm with most of the positions being decided.

Props to Jolly for jumping late on the first lap and still carrying through for all four laps. On a coaster brake fatty nonetheless. And a shout out to Luis who is apparently celebrating his 16th birthday this Friday. That’s correct, he’s easily 1/2 to a 1/3 of the age of most of the field, and still currently atop the leader board. Happy birthday buddy!

1 Gerrit
2 Abel Clotter
3 Stephen John
4 Luis Cerna
5 Mike Sowers
6 Lasse Norgaard
7 Joe Mullins
8 Jon Conelly
9 Cody Goodman
10 Ashley Anderson
11 Jules Miller
12 Nate McDonald
13 S. Jesus
14 Krack Kaczmarek
15 Bob LaRoche
16 Ben Kruse
17 Andy Wentzel
18 John Fritz
19 David Haberstock
20 Jeff Kellum
21 Andy Nathal
22 Kevin Bufkin
23 Jolly Rogers
DNF Rudy
DNF Ginger
DNF Melissa Goodman
DNF James Edmond

Up Next:
7/19 – The Grasshopper (new course from Geordie, meet by the ASU building north of Curry)
7/26 – Poker Run