Golf Course/Crazy 8’s

We made the journey to the north side of the park this week. In the cooler months these loops are usually littered with hikers. But in the heat of summer it’s a little less busy. The golf course loop offers a definite advantage to those with fully geared rigs. Mostly flat with a lot of straight segments. Therefore I acted as baron. If you can’t beat them, serve them drinks.

The call was for a loop of the golf course, then up around the Amphitheater and back to the ramada clockwise for a pit stop. Then another full figure 8 of the Crazy 8 buttes to finish. Hunter was first to emerge from the bushes as he came back to the ramada early, before the Amphitheater. I had to send him back out to finish the first loop, meanwhile Gerrit, Luis, Dunagan, and Putnam had taken advantage of the error. Gerrit was first back to the ramada/baron stop proper. He took his beverage and was back on course before Luis and Hunter arrived for their push ups. A steady stream of riders continued to flow through in pursuit. It appeared rather dusty out on the golf course. In the midst of the mid-pack making baron stops, Cody Drummond arrives on scene and his handed a beverage. He proceeds to immediately use his thumb alone to shotgun said beverage. Pro.

Gerrit held on for the win, and Hunter climbed back into 2nd to atone for his early missed turn. Slowly but surely the top of the season standings are normalizing after LaRoche’s “socialist loops”, which put a dent in Gerrit and Hunter’s dominance after Luis’ convenient absence that week.

1 Gerrit
2 Hunter
3 Justin Dunagan
4 Luis Cerna
5 Stephen John
6 Desert Yeti
7 Jon Conelly
8 Ryan Randazzo
9 Abel Clotter
10 Lasse Norgaard
11 Cody Goodman
12 Joe Mullins
13 Isaac King
14 Krack Kaczmarek
15 Jared Rinne
16 Jeff Kellum
17 Rudy
18 Gerald Biehle
19 Ginger
20 Kevin Trowbridge
21 Julie Trowbridge

Next week 7/12: Botanical Burnout
*6:30 group departure from the footbridge to the start, on the backside of Hole-in-the Rock. Map towards the bottom of the courses page.

**7/19 ~ Course courtesy of Geordie; Odell specials and swag at Bacus.