Tres Hombres

The monsoon season has made its appearance. However it was none too breezy this Tuesday. It was rather stagnant and moist. I say moist because lots of people seem to hate that word. Nebraska was kind enough to meet me en route to haul baron supplies. His trailer is much more handy than my backpack. Kind enough to bring water even. We were greeted with a group of about 25 to get back to racing in the heat after a week’s respite.

Three laps of Tres Hombres was to be done. Baron after two. Heading up to the saddle and then down the fence line I watched the usual top trio pull away with Stephen in chase. And found myself among a stout crew of Geordie, Lasse, Yeti, and Sowers. Moves were made on the Curry hill and everyone seemed to remain in score order through lap two. Once again the baron stop proved pivotal for a few place changes. Geordie can put them back surprisingly fast. Others seemed to be hindered by the heat. A few people had stopped at Boulders on the way top the start. Which I can only imagine had its effects. I somehow managed to get out ahead of Yeti and Lasse and was able to hang on through lap three.

We finished off the baron’s trailer stash and made for the hot dog bar. Be sure to put July 19th on your calendar. Bacus’ Hot Dogs will be hosting a special Odell Brewing party. More details to follow.

1 Gerrit
2 Luis Cerna
3 Hunter
4 Stephen John
5 Geordie Hackett
6 S. Jesus
7 Lasse Norgaard
8 Desert Yeti
9 Mike Sowers
10 Jon Conelly
11 Joe Mullins
12 Cody Goodman
13 Ashley Anderson
14 Krack Kaczmarek
15 Jennifer LeRoy
16 Jeff Kellum
17 Kevin Trowbridge
18 Ginger
19 Jared Rinne
20 Charlie B.
21 Bill Parmentier
? Rudy
DNF Melissa Goodman
DNF Cody Drummond

Next week: Crazy 8’s/Golf Course  ↓↓↓