Amphitheater Group Ride

Well it was either the heat or the lack of an official race that kept the crowd small this week. I’m assuming it’s the latter. A small group of 13 made their way out to break in the first truly nasty evening of summer. However a light breeze (blow dryer on low) kicked up right when we took off. So it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

We enjoyed a nice sunset from Hole-in-the-Rock before cruising up to the Amphitheater for refreshments. From there we rolled down to McFate Brewing (formerly Fate South) where I learned that I enjoy cucumber lagers. Who knew?

We’ll pick up the racing next week for the rest of the season.

Andy Nathal
Bill Parmentier
Brad Harris
Cody Goodman
Jared Rinne
Joe Mullins
John Fritz
Krack Kaczmarek
Luis Cerna
Melissa Goodman
Ryan Randazzo
S. Jesus

Next week: Tres Hombres  ↓↓↓