Coyote Grande

Every week that I mutter “It’s hot today, could be a small crowd.”, you guys always prove me wrong. Solid field on display as we gathered up near the ASU building for an extra drop in to Coyote Grande. Even had some spectators who we later saw out on the dirt jumps. Three laps was the call, with a pit stop after two.

The extra climb to the base of the normal starting point helped string us out a bit before going into that twisty drop to the jumps. Turning back south towards the fence I could see Yeti and Hackett start to pull away, so I settled in with LaRoche and Randazzo. The extra 7 psi I put in my front tire was doing me no favors on this washy course. Some of those turns were a little soft. I managed to get a pass on Rich climbing the butte on lap two and followed a crowd into the baron stop.

Pro tip: if others are struggling to polish off their beverage, don’t make a fuss when you empty yours and take off. I managed to snake about five spots thanks to being thirsty enough to quietly put back a Hammy in short order. Lap three was a failed effort to catch Goodman and Mullins. Gerrit claimed another first place but it only brought him a point or so closer to Luis, who managed to avoid the turmoil caused by last week’s “socialist loops”.

A fond farewell to Jeff “Iceman” Ackley as he leaves us for the sunny senior life of Palm Springs. He’s on to a new job with California Fish & Wildlife. Cheers mate, show those grannies a good time!

1 Gerrit
2 Luis Cerna
3 Geordie Hackett
4 Desert Yeti
5 Joe Mullins
6 Cody Goodman
7 S. Jesus
8 David Haberstock
9 Lasse Norgaard
10 Riley Barclay
11 Krack Kaczmarek
12 Ryan Randazzo
13 Rich Inman
14 Stephen John
15 Bob LaRoche
16 Jeff Ackley
16 John Fritz
18 Gerald Biehle
19 Rudy
20 Bill Parmentier
21 Jennifer LeRoy
22 Jeff Kellum
23 Kevin Bufkin
Baron Candy Rogers

Next week: group ride to Amphitheater  ↓↓↓