Tempe kinda-Long

After enjoying the LoPiano ridge seven glorious times last week, we opted for a modified version of Tempe Long. We skipped the ridge heading straight for the tunnel, then rode two full loops around the trails north of Curry before finishing back at the footbridge. A little faster and more fun while still including some of the good climbs. There was a baron in the Tres Hombres wash to be dealt with on lap one. Thanks Metcalf for handling the duties.

Another clusterfuck in the first chute from the bridge and down into the baby drop. Climbing out towards the tunnel I was battling with someone just to my side. Trying not to be too much of a dick I left a little space and caught some loose gravel. Then Yeti grunts by, had I known it was him the elbows would’ve been way out. Through the tunnel, up the Curry hill and down to the baron. The early beverage stop is usually a little easier. More time to settle back in. I left just behind Randazzo and was able to follow him up to the dirt jumps and get a pass on Wentzel. Coming into lap two it looked like McDonald had a mechanical. Apologies for simply cruising past. I had forgotten to say no canal on the return to the bridge, and so I got dropped by a couple geared folk in the process.

All told it seemed like a winner. Plenty of room for variation on the loops north of the tunnel. Jennifer LeRoy gets bonus points because I think she returned all the way to the bridge before lap two. We’ve done it that way before, but the two-way traffic in the tunnel can be messy.

The heat is returning quickly. Easily 105°+ next week. (115° over the weekend ಠ_ಠ ) Look for shorter loops and eventually a later start time.

1 Gerrit
2 Luis Cerna
3 Geordie Hackett
4 Stephen John
5 Desert Yeti
6 Jon Conelly
7 Abel Clotter
8 Joe Mullins
9 S. Jesus
10 Jordan Lund
11 Cody Goodman
12 Andy Wentzel
13 NE Scott
14 Ryan Randazzo
15 Ryan Tapscott
16 Nate McDonald
17 Jacory Parker
18 Krack Kaczmarek
19 Jeff Kellum
20 Jeff Ackley
21 Ginger
22 Gerald Biehle
23 Jared Rinne
24 Jennifer LeRoy
25 Bill Parmentier
26 Bill Sandercock
27 Melissa Goodman
28 Andy Nathal
29 Rudy
30 Thomas Tomczyk

Next week: Made in the Shade
*A custom course designed by LaRoche and Gerrit for the extra hot summer days!
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