LoPiano x3.5

Stout field of close to 40 arrived at the footbridge this week. Must have been the cooler temps, because it sure wasn’t the course. LoPiano is a bitch of a loop. Grasshopper was joking about 6 laps. Sowers suggested 4. We did 3.5.

After the initial logjam going into the chute and down the baby drop, moves were made on the climb. A group of maybe 10 held together going into the descent. That’s when the course got loose. Some creative lines were taken back into the climb. And then people got extra shortcutty on the second half dropping back towards the footbridge. Back in the day you couldn’t touch the gravel footpath. Then we allowed the first cut. Now I guess the cool kids go for the second one too. To be fair I didn’t mention anything about this. Next time.

Self-serve baron stop after two laps. This is where I blew up. The first pack pulled away and there was no catching up. I saw Conelly and Randazzo finishing lap 3 as I continued up. Obscenities were muttered.

Of the ~40 at the start only 24 signed out. Not sure if these are attempts to mask a DNF or if y’all just don’t worry about the points. Either way is cool. It’s all about the vibe this year. But bear in mind, at some point we’ll rank with a minimum race threshold…

1 Hunter
2 Gerrit
3 Logan Goff
4 Mike Sowers
5 Geordie Hackett
6 Stephen John
7 Jon Conelly
8 Lasse Norgaard-Larsen
9 Nate McDonald
10 Jeff Ackley
11 Isaac King
12 Cody Goodman
13 Isaac Moerke
14 Ryan Tapscott
15 Krack Kaczmarek
16 Laurel Arndt
17 Jennifer LeRoy
18 David Haberstock
19 Bob LaRoche
20 S. Jesus
21 Gerald Biehle
22 Ashley Anderson
23 Andy Nathal
24 Bill Parmentier

Next week: Tempe kinda-Long  ↓↓↓