Out n’ Back

The original. Choose your own adventure out to the Amphitheater. Where the Ginger was waiting with refreshments. It looked like a fit crowd, so we did Hole-in-the-Rock both ways. AND skipped the canal between the footbridge and the tunnel.

For reference, a 32×20 SS is not the ideal tool for this job. Too much canal spinny time. My fault. Despite having several chain issues, Luis rode a dark horse back into 4th place in the end. Goodman and I had a good chase going back into the fence line trail. When I decided it was a great idea to veer right out of the tunnel and straight into the 3′ hole in the ground. Goodman passed and held on. Hunter slipped passed Gerrit in the final stretch back. It pays to know the back way home when the canal isn’t an option.

If y’all prefer, we can post the weekly results here. And then the standings page will be for overall season points.

1 Hunter
2 Gerrit
3 Andy Wentzel
4 Luis Cerna
5 Stephen John
6 Desert Yeti
7 Nate McDonald
8 Geordie Hackett
9 Abel Clotter
10 Joe Mullens
11 Lucas Chien
12 Ryan Randazzo
13 Cody Goodman
14 Isaac King
15 S. Jesus
16 Isaac Moerke
17 Brad Harris
18 James Oborne
19 Tanner Mathews
20 Todd Hughes
21 Terrin Lane
22 B-Hard
23 Jared Rinne
24 John Britz
25 Ben Fernandez
26 Kevin Bufkin
27 Daniel Billotte
28 Joshua Anderson
29 Nate Rayes
30 Charlie Lotzar
31 Melissa Goodman

Next week: Cliffhanger (new)  ↓↓↓