Tres Coyotes

A mix of two old courses. Little bit of everything north of Curry. The ridge through the middle; Tres Hombres wash; dirt jumps; fence line to the tunnel. And then a random finish to the ol’ footbridge. An unseasonably strong field of 40 came out of the woodwork on the first decently hot day of the year. It was probably near 90° when Sowers yelled GO. Lots of new faces but some classic names too. Even a stray Scooby was lined up on a CX bike.

40 people grunting up a loose climb sure kicks up a lot of damn dust. Everyone was hacking before we even finished the ridge. Gerrit, Luis, and Hunter took off into the front as usual. Sowers, Hackett, and Ashley were all in close chase though. At least from what I could tell at the top of the ridge. There were a couple loose passes going into the Hombres wash, but I was able to hang with Putnam, Conelly, and Randazzo through the dirt jumps. Once at the canal my 32×20 didn’t quite hold up and Mullens cruised past. Though I was able to hold off Goodman this time.

Holy shit were we beat up after this one. Dusty, punchy, short and fast. No real time to settle in. Multiple bodies on the ground at the finish. Fortunately there were cold beverages. We’ll have to save this one for a wicked hot night when we want to start super late in the day.

Kudos to all those who raced/partied/carried on at the Whiskey this last weekend! Our own Hunter took 3rd in the SS 50-proof squeaking in just under four hours. And though we don’t see him often these days, STP young gun Nick Thomas took on the pros and finished in a cool 4:05. Well done boys!

Next week: Out n’ Back  ↓↓↓