Crazy 8’s

A solid field of 26 made their way to the north end of the park for a return to the figure 8 loop. It’s still Spring, and the weather is cool by our standards. This one is always a busy loop with the hikers, so we split the group in two directions. Demolition derby style. Three laps, baron after two.

After the start I opted for the northern loop first but I was already well at the back. Since there are precious few spots to place on this route, I settled in and waited for moves at the Amphitheater. With both groups spread out around both buttes it’s really hard to see what’s happening to the rest of the field. I hung behind the Monkey for a 1/2 lap before spending the majority of laps two and three playing tag with Goodman.

Gerrit found his way back to the top spot with Luis right behind him in second. Some of the faster regulars got some points on the board for the season this week. Wentzel, new guy? Justin, Grasshopper, and Gnome took spots 3-6. You’ll see the standings sorted by a rolling average on the results page. Later in the season we’ll invoke a minimum race threshold to bring the regulars to the top. So don’t worry if some stray pro arrives for one week and tries to usurp anyone’s glory.

It was back to Bacus Bros. for hot dogs and beers. Putnam invented some kind of sausagey cloeslaw spicy salad concoction. 9/10, would try again. And if anyone is feeling generous and wondering where to donate baron funds, you’ll have to do so in person. There’s a throwback mailing envelope that will act as the baron bank this year. See you Monday nights at Tops for procurement. Thank you Gnome, Bufkin, and Issac!

Next week: Tres Coyotes
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