Jesus on the Rocks

For those keeping score at home, the season officially started last week with the impromptu awarding of points to celebrate Luis’ first win. And we’ll pick it up again next week when we travel to the north side for some Crazy 8’s in STP #2. However this week was an opportunity for some socializing. Papago can be a confusing mess to those not familiar and we used this Tuesday to show a few riders the ropes. A good majority of the regulars showed up, but there were a few new faces.

We toured a bit of Lopiano. Then on to the Tres Hombres wash below the ASU building and on through the dirt jumps. Then some canal to Hole-in-the-Rock before safely crossing Galvin Pkwy up to the golf course (some may have skipped this part). And then a climb into the Amphitheater. Touching a bit of everything we’d normally ride. String that all together and it sounds like gibberish. Precisely why we took it slow.

At the Amphitheater we took to enjoying the sunset with a beverage or two. It became quite the scene. Gnome showed everyone how you clear the entire set of rock steps. Bottom to top. And then top to bottom. Hasn’t lost his chops. We entertained some passers through for sure. And then were entertained ourselves by the yoga couple on the rocks. What was a lady going through her routine above the Amphitheater, turned into an impostor Jesus and a horse-headed accomplice. True story…


From there we rolled to Fate Brewing for some refreshments. Though I personally didn’t eat, everything smelled amazing and they had some decent brews. And they accommodated our bikes without fuss. Not a bad stop on the north end of our park. Though Bacus Bros. Hot Dogs will be our regular home base on Mill Ave.

Bill P. was the first one to donate to the baron fund this year. So he got to choose Crazy 8’s for next week. See how that works? See y’all there!