Botanical Burnout

Kudos to Gerrit and LaRoche who spent good time this winter riding on Tuesday nights and devising new courses for our enjoyment. The first to debut this season was the Botanical Burnout. A speedy, punchy loop on the backside of Hole-in-the-Rock. A part of the park we rarely venture, if we ever have at all. But it turned out to be a crowd pleaser. And I’ve added it to the course page, since we’ll most certainly see it again.

Starting up the backside of HITR it was a scramble up the loose gravel. Then a left back down the main route to follow the fence line out towards the Galvin Pkwy roundabout. It gradually climbed out to the turnaround which then sent us back towards that little baby butte we normally only ride going to/from the Amphitheater and golf course. They had us loop around the south side and then back to a wash where LaRoche was waiting with minor explosives and baron supplies.

Heading out for lap two I found myself trailing Tanner, the new guy (Isaac), and playing cat and mouse with Ackley like always. Surprisingly I think most everyone followed the course except for maybe a slight cut where it turns along the fence. Passes were made in the wash while attending to baron requirements. Word has it Luis was assigned 25 push-ups due to age restrictions. I was able to pass new guy and Ackley on lap three before being caught at the end by Stephen. Solid efforts all around.

The official season (points and such) was scheduled to start in earnest on 4/26 as a pre-Whiskey Off Road party. HOWEVER, due to the results of this week’s practice run, we’re going to go ahead and award points early. Young gun Luis earned his first STP victory this week! Edging out Gerrit on his own course. So it seemed fitting to start scoring a bit early in order to make it official. So if you look at the main menu it’ll point you towards the 2016 standings page. I’ll update it each week with the new series points.

That said, next week let’s do a more social ride and loop all of Papago at club pace. We can hit at least portions of each course and give a little tour to anyone who isn’t familiar and wants to be in the know. We’ll have a little social at the Amphitheater then cruise over to Fate Brewing South. So encourage the newbies and occasional faces to show. Then we’ll pick up the season with STP #2 on 4/26.