It’s Getting Warmer

It hit 92° the other day. That’s not cool, literally and figuratively. Hopefully it stays nice until June like last year. But if not there’s always pool parties and margaritas. We cope. And with the warm weather, STP cometh.

I apologize for the lack of spontaneous rides over the winter. Work is really far, and it’s a nightmare to get back early. Fortunately Gerrit and Ginger did a nice job picking up the slack with their creation of Tempe Cyclocross Tuesday last fall. Complete with hand-ups, turkey on Thanksgiving, and that one night with the really drunk guy breaking shit in the ramada at Kiwanis. B-Hard also killed it with his version of the beer mile back in January. That gave me some ideas…  Finally LaRoche and Gerrit have been riding Papago every Tuesday and concocting some new suggestions for this season. It should be fun.

The days have been getting longer and we’ve started to get back on track. Last night was a perfect evening for a ride. 80° and breezy. You could even see the pink clouds of sunset through the thick black smoke billowing from the recycling plant fire on 36th St. Classic Phoenix.


Two laps of Lopiano to ease back into it. I certainly reevaluated my current fitness level after grunting up that damn ridge again. I dropped my seat bag. Putnam threw a chain. Gnome threw a chain. Then I decided to join in and throw a chain. Maybe something about singlespeeds since us three went 7-8-9. The top six all had gears to my knowledge. I’m going to keep scoring old school style with pen and paper for the time being. It seemed to work just fine. No need to sign in. No emails. No phone apps. No DNS for those who don’t show. Finish and write your name down, I’ll keep score at home. Some combination of number of races and lowest points will determine series standings. (1st place = 1 point)

The CASA Lounge is no longer open on Tuesdays. We tried their new Shady Park venue once back in February. It was okay. Like an average first date I guess. Well enough to try again. Second time they didn’t like our bikes. Sorry miss, we can’t be friends. So off we go to Bacus Bros. Hot Dogs. Hot dogs are kind of like tacos right? Tubed meat and fixins’ on a doughy kind of tortilla? Anyway they’re good people. They like bikes. Their wieners are delicious. They have good beer for cheap. And if we find ourselves on the north side maybe we stop in at Fate Brewing or the TT Roadhouse.

Stay tuned for an official series start date. Maybe around the Whiskey? April 26th or May 3rd seems good. Until then look alive for practice sessions. Maybe we race, maybe we just ride. Either way it’s good to see y’all again.