Out n’ Back Finale

It was a good night for a send off. Nice breeze and a fancy sunset to close out the season. Classic Out n’ Back with an Amphitheater baron and a little soiree to wrap it up. It gets dark a little early these days, so lights were a smart move. Scott and I were schlepping pizza and sodas so I have no idea what transpired on the course. Except for the fact that Mr. Nathal took a nasty spill right before crossing Galvin. Thanks to those who looked after him before he got off to the ER. 20 stitches in the arm and I hear he’s doing okay. Take care of each other out there!

Gerrit took the win as he has all season. Grasshopper, Sowers, Wentzel went 2-3-4. And Luis made an uphill pass on LaRoche to sneak in at 5th. Putnam was awarded the honor of most improved since last year. He’s shed the frame but not the motor. And of course, Gerrit and Leilah took home the Fastest Couple in Tempe award! Congrats on the season and their recent engagement!

That’s all folks. I’m off to Japan for a couple weeks, so we’re going to wrap it up for a bit. Look for some night races through the winter. Probably starting in late October. We’ll roam between Papago and South Mountain since daylight isn’t an issue. Whatever strikes the fancy that week.

In the meantime, Gerrit and Wilson have concocted a Tempe Cyclocross Tuesday series. City parks, barriers, racing under the lights, the whole bit. So if you find yourself with a lack of purpose on Tuesdays now, go support these guys! Starts next week at Stroud Park; east of McClinktock between Guadalupe and Elliot.  #handupsarenotacrime
They’ve even got a fancy webpage.
And a facebooky group too!