Ridge Runner Rainout

The forecast going into this week was for 110% chance of hellacious thunderstorms. So I was mildly prepared for something like this. But as Tuesday grew near it looked liked we’d get lucky. At the start there was a decent sized rain shaft hanging over downtown. But nothing major.


Bob’s instructions for his latest concoction were dare I say even more vague that what Melley used to craft. Up the hill, right into the wash. Down a ways, turn left onto the ridge. Go until it turns, then go straight by the palo verde tree. Down through the jumps, along the fence, right at the tunnel, back along the ridge, then climb the rock to the baron. Timing was going to be very loose from the outset. Though he did put a lot of effort into marking the trail. So as long as the chalk markings stayed in place we’d be okay.

I lost my chain about halfway down the first ridge, so after stopping to fix that I just went straight to the baron stop. From the top of the butte I was able to follow the course and survey the storm that was quickly moving towards us.



It started with a drizzle, and worked its way to a good rain shower. But the lightning became more frequent and seemingly closer. So the baron stop was moved from the top of the butte, which is conveniently adjacent to some high voltage power lines. But as the rain got stronger I could see the trails starting to run water. And it got dark real quick with the storm clouds now right on top of us. Right as I saw Sawyer approach the lightning got more intense. So that was it. We headed towards the underpass parking lot and had ourselves a little party.


September 29th ~ Out n’ Back Series Finale ~ 6pm start

*We’ll be finishing up at the ramada on Lopiano ridge. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find and I’ll point it out. Oskar Blues has thrown us beverages and I’ll get some pizzas from Boulders on Broadway. So plan to stick around a little bit! You may win an award! Probably not, but…. maybe.