Gone Golfing & the Crazy 8.5

In our last group journey to the north start line, we rolled a combination of loops. One lap of the golf course. One lap of the north butte. TWO laps of the south Butte.

Just before I yelled GO, a couple of hikers peeled right on to the trail and into our path. But y’all are nice people, hopefully nobody scared the shit out them. Word from the course was that there was a downed utility pole and caution tape. I think everyone manged it okay, although there was a report of a tangled pedal that claimed a victim. Gerrit had a good lead going around the north butte but Putnam was giving chase with other usual suspects in tow. Inman suffered a flat albeit conveniently at the ramada. He claims this was redemption for taking out Conelly earlier on the golf course.

Coming around to the south butte Sawyer had passed Putnam and was now chasing Gerrit. Wentzel wasn’t far back. However, Gerrit peeled off after one loop and wrongly headed north. By the time I corrected him the damage had been done. He attempted to run them down, but alas he took a bloody crash and it was over. And the top five was shaken up for once.


NEXT WEEK (9/22) ~ LaRoche’s Ridge Runner
Microsoft PowerPoint - RIDGE RUNNER

— September 29 ~ Out n’ Back Series Finale (ramada party to follow)
— Random Tuesday night (like, in the dark) rides throughout the winter. Maybe once a month~ish?