Tempe Long~ish

Tempe Long is just that, long. With the sunset coming earlier these days we opted for a semi abbreviated loop. 1.5x around. One full rotation with an extra turn of the loop north of Curry Rd. Nebraska and the Spanniard manned the beverage station. Kudos to the Spanniard to making the long recovery back from a gnarly crash. Good to see the Beard back on the bike.

I took an abbreviated route to the beverage station in order to make it back and clock y’all’s finish. But from what I could tell it looks like we’re beginning to ride the trails back in after that monster rain we got a couple weeks ago. On my way back to the finish I saw Putnam making a hard charge up the hill towards the dirt jumps with Conelly in close pursuit. So I was surprised when I saw Conelly roll through the finish in third; after Gerrit (1st) and Sawyer (2nd). Then Wentzel in fourth, and Luis in fifth. Putnam took his coveted spot in sixth. Apparently he mistook my instructions on 1.5 laps to mean than the beverage stop was the finish. It was not.

TONIGHT (9/15) ~ Golf Course/Crazy 8’s ~ 6pm start from the northern ramada
— A group will ride up from the 202/Mill Ave parking lot at 5:45
— Parking is available at the West Buttes lot across from the Phoenix Zoo on Galvin Pkwy if you cannot make the 5:45 departure.

Crazy 8s Golf Course

September 22nd ~ Ridge Runner (courtesy of LaRoche)
September 29th ~ Out n’ Back Series Finale (ramada party/bbq to follow)