Coyote Grande

Monday’s gnarly ass storm took its toll on our park. But after a couple test loops to make an assessment, it was determined that the trails were okay. A bit torn up and loose, but they’d dried out and we didn’t risk doing any damage. So Coyote Grande it was. Three laps. Trowbridge manned the comfort station and timing.

Up the first climb was a shitshow. Quite a few ruts and loose rocks slowed the pack even more than normal. That lead to a bit of a jam on the rocky drop twisty thing, but beyond that the group started to spread out. Most of the middle portion of the loop along the backside was in decent shape. However once we made the turn back towards the canal it got pretty messy. Loose sand, baby boulders, etc. Trowbridge called for hydration after one lap, and so it was.

Laps two and three were a bit more worn in. I sat on Conelly’s wheel for a spell before he pulled away starting the third lap. Somewhere on the third back stretch I got passed by Lasse’s friend Riley. He happened to be in town picking up his real mountain bike. Because he’s recently been touring the world on a klunker. Which is pretty badass. Check it out here. The usual suspects were in the top five; Gerrit, Sawyer, Inman, Grasshopper, and Dunagan.

*Note: Despite what the Webscorer thing says, the last STP of this season will be September 29th. We may do some kind of special gathering that evening instead of going to CASA. Stay tuned….

Next week: Sept-8 @ 6:15 start (the sun is setting earlier now) ~ Tempe Long
Baron: Nebraska