LaRoche’s Triple Sick Puppy

LaRoche proclaimed to me a couple weeks ago that he had something in mind and wanted to challenge the masses. And I cannot say no to one of STP’s founding fathers. He provided us a map and some loose directions. But this one almost didn’t get off the ground. Right about the time we would all gather, a gusty ass storm boiled over town. For a second it looked like we might get rained out, for the trails’ sake. However it blew over fairly quickly and provided us some of the nicest conditions of season.

15-20 showed in time to join our practice loop. And about 100 yards in it was clear we had a strange one on our hands. Through a sandy wash dubbed “Bum Alley” we discovered many a lost treasure discarded by Tempe’s nomads. Up a loose climb that I didn’t personally witness anyone clean. It went south to the baby rock drop and then looped back up the big ridge. Then swooped back under the power lines, before heading towards the ridge again but this time peeling left back to the start. Another 15 or so waited for us to get the show under way.

Y’all took off in the right direction at the start, but I’d be curious to know how many actually got the full course correct. Probably just LaRoche! I brought up the rear and made my way through the crowd. There were some light course markings that kept people on track through a couple spots. I was able to catch up with Leilah in time to finish the first lap where LaRoche had kindly placed a self-serve baron stop.

Seeing as the fast kids would be coming through soon, I waited there after one. It would be silly to put a lot of stock in this week’s results seeing as 99% of us took a unique route. But per usual, Gerrit cruised in first, followed by Inman. Then Huber who made a swift pass on Sawyer right at the end, and Wentzel in fifth.

Thanks LaRoche! Kudos on an old school creative course and showing us how the OG does it.

Next week: Coyote Grande