Crazy 8’s

Being a bit further away, we don’t often make it up to the north side. Unless it’s part of an Out n’ Back. This time we put an extra twist on the already twisty (hahaha, it’s a figure 8…. sorry) loops. Half of the field went south, and half of the field went north to start. I sensed some confusion, but y’all are smart people. Three full laps each regardless of direction. Baron after two.

Starting with the north loop I gave chase to Gerrit and Putnam through the Amphitheater. Somewhere around the backside, approaching the ramada for the first time, Wentzel grunted past me. And I settled into my ‘haven’t raced in three weeks’ pace. Around the southern butte and starting lap two the loop felt much more open than it normally does. I think the split start helped ease the crowding for us. But maybe not so for the hikers. Although nobody seemed disturbed by us this week. Gerald provided us cold beverages with just one full loop to go.

Since we were all coming from different directions it was a bit difficult to see who was finishing and who was heading out for more. Although I think the split course worked out pretty well overall. Gerald kept tally of our results and magically more cold beverages appeared. Your top 5 looked like this:
1) Gerrit
2) Sawyer
3) Wentzel
4) Inman
5) Grasshopper

Next week (8/25): Papa LaRoche has something cooked up for y’all! He calls it Triple Sick, and it looks something like this:
Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1
6:15pm ~ Neutral lap
6:30pm ~ Start time
Baron ~ Naturally